I love everything about racing. I'm not particularly good at it, but I love it. (And if I'm not running, I'm out on the sidelines cheering.) I'm almost always signed up for something, and am thoroughly enjoying my quest to run a full marathon in every state. But I'm in no hurry, and consider this a project for my lifetime. In the meantime, if I get sidetracked by something like a pack burro race, or roped into a group run with friends in a state I've already run, then so much the better.

Upcoming races/events:

Taos Marathon June 3rd

My fifty-state marathon quest:

To date: 21 marathons in 18 states. (I run in California a lot. What can I say? It's nice here.)

2018: Houston, TX (re-cap forthcoming!) 
2016: New York, NY (4:20)
2015: Little Rock, AR (5:42)
2015: Boise, ID (4:47)
2014: Ventura, CA (4:17)
2013: Tucson, AZ (4:19)
2013: Duluth, MN (4:19)
2012: Oakland, CA (3:58 *PR)
2011: Miami, FL (4:05)
2010: Fargo, ND (4:30)
2009: Sacramento, CA (4:35)
2009: Madison, WI (4:33)
2008: Kiawah Island, SC (5:10) 
2007: Estes Park, CO (6:19) 
2006: Las Vegas, NV (5:09)
2005: Chicago, IL (5:07)
2003: Philadelphia, PA (4:44)
2002: Raleigh, NC (?)
2002: Oklahoma City, OK (4:08)
2001: Portland, OR (4:15)
1999: San Diego, CA (4:16)

And some other fun stuff:
2017: Spartan SoCal Super (obstacle course race)
2014: TriRock San Diego (3:23:03: 1500m/22m/6m)
2013: Idaho Springs Pack Burro Race (Racing Tonto, on YouTube)

What race are you training for or dreaming about?


  1. I'd love to hear your feedback on the Portland race! Had a few friends suggest this one for a first-timer and I see it was your second one :) It MAY be on the horizon for me next fall...

    1. I absolutely LOVED the Portland Marathon! It's been a looong time since I ran it, and I'm sure a lot has changed, but I remember it as really well-organized, scenic (great city), and a lot of fun. And we got finisher's saplings, instead of medals -- my favorite race bling of all time! I hope they still do that. Not to mention: there's no better race t-shirt in all of marathoning. =)