Monday, July 10, 2017

Moving forward, together

by Stephanie Recob, guest blogger

“An inch an hour, two feet a day” –The Tragically Hip

Stephanie Recob, guest blogger and
proud Run 4 All Women supporter
Life has always been a struggle for me. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of my life curled up in a proverbial ball, not moving. However, I was blessed with a family that loved me so much that I was able to get sober a little over 14 years ago. Staying sober has been possible by living life 24 hours at a time, and sometimes one minute at a time. But more than anything else, staying sober has resulted from moving forward, one step at a time. 

I am a work in progress, and progress can be difficult. Sometimes progress is moving in the wrong direction, getting lost, and finding the path again. Sometimes progress is getting stuck in the weeds of life and eventually blazing a new trail. Two steps back is ok only as long as it’s followed up with one step forward again. But for me, moving forward is especially important if I am to keep ahead of the monster that is always behind me.

In this spirit of moving forward, I recently started running. The slug life had taken its toll, mentally and physically and I needed a change. I found that running cleared my head after a hard day. I started sleeping better, eating better, and feeling better. I’ll probably never be considered athletic but I’m out there on the ocean trail, or around the nearby lake a few times a week, ugly-sweating, red-faced and jiggling, but slowly moving forward. So much progress! 

The 2016 presidential campaign and election was hard on me. I felt a flood of emotions that I wasn’t expecting, and a lot of things that I thought were true turned out to be false. The future for me and many of my friends is murky. America feels upside down and really scary to me. The message of “Forward Together” obviously resonated with me, much more so than the other slogan of going backwards again and moving forward is exactly how I am dealing with these overwhelming feelings.

That is why I am running in the Run 4 All Women California event in San Diego on August 12th to raise money for Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides vital health services for women and men. The federal defunding of Planned Parenthood seems inevitable and many people will be drastically impacted.

I’m not running fast and I’m not running far but I am running forward. I have set a (somewhat lofty) personal goal of running 50 miles between July 1st and August 11th, my 50th birthday, with the hope that you will donate a dollar or two per mile to help all of us move forward. When you donate you can cheer me on by simply noting “50by50” in the comment section on the donation page:

One woman on an overgrown trail will make a tiny impact, but a lot of people on that same trail can make it so much easier for those that follow us through the weeds.


Thanks to my sister, Stephanie, the first donor on our Run 4 All Women campaign, and my first friend. She is a constant source of inspiration, laughter, and support, and is always there when I need her.  ~ Amy

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  1. Jealous of you because Amy is your sister, jealous of Amy because you are her sister. It's a win-win! I'm proud to support you both, even if I have to 'ride bitch' (ask Amy). You both inspire me!