Saturday, September 20, 2014

Forty years of bad ideas

I learned recently that the sport of triathlon, as we know it today, was born in San Diego on September 25, 1974. I had been born just four days before, and just a few miles away from Mission Bay, where that first swim-bike-run event was held. (I didn't grow up in San Diego, but I was actually born here. This was, no doubt, the place I was destined to make my home.) Triathlon's roots trace back to France, as do mine. And we're both about to turn forty years old.

So when I saw this ad in Competitor Magazine a couple of months ago for TriRock, an intermediate distance triathlon being held on the beautiful Embarcadero Park in downtown San Diego - on the exact date of my 40th birthday - it seemed like yet another sign that it was finally time to give this sport a go. Training for the Ventura Marathon was already well underway by that point, and I knew that the timing was bad. Being so focused on racing a good marathon, I wouldn't have the time or energy to train for a triathlon. I'm not a strong or experienced swimmer or cyclist, but hoped that the bit of each that I did weekly as cross-training would at least be enough to get me through the individual distances, and that the "residual fitness" from having trained for a marathon (I totally made that term up, I think) would see me through the event in its entirety. And when two of my oldest and dearest friends committed to coming to San Diego to celebrate my 40th by competing in this event with me, the deal was officially sealed. Sign me up.

I'm now sitting here looking down the barrel of tomorrow morning's 6:30 a.m. swim start, and realizing: this was a bad idea. I am not ready for this. But some of the most memorable moments of these first forty years were born of my poor impulse control and bad ideas, so why not kick off the next decade with another one? Beyond a pathetic lack of multi-sport training and the fact that I'm not fully recovered from the marathon I ran two weeks ago, I also don't have any of the proper equipment. I do have a bike, but I've still not been properly fitted for it, and will have absolutely no idea what to do if I have a breakdown out there. I'll be cycling in my running shoes because I am too scared to clip in, and wearing an old pair of Dior sunglasses, because I'm near-sighted and need a prescription when I ride but have never gotten around to having a pair of sport glasses made. I did buy myself a pair of "tri-shorts" last week, but I am going to be honest with you: they scare me.

I've got a few things going for me, though. First of all, I've got these two:
Friends Julie and Krista, on the morning of
their first triathlon, in 2009. Full circle, you guys.
Five years ago I flew up to Sacramento to surprise them at the start when they competed in their first triathlon together. I had so much fun out there cheering them on with their husbands and kids, and saying to myself, with perfect clarity, that "they are nuts."

Secondly, we're scheduled for nearly perfect weather tomorrow. After an unusually hot and humid summer, the heat has recently broken, and we've got our mid-70s perfection back, and nice warm water temperatures (74* this morning). I figure this has to make up for at least a little bit of my lack of physical preparation.

And finally: it's my birthday! So screw whatever else might go wrong out there. I love birthdays, and think they should be celebrated with gusto. So bring on the swim, the bike, and the run, whether I'm ready for them or not. Bring on the friends, the family, the food, and the celebration at the finish. And bring on 40.


  1. That's indeed the best Bday present!!! I'd love to do a tri one day, but I first need to learn how to bike... at all. And give up puppy-swimming :)
    Happy Birthday and I hope you had lots and lots of FUN!

    1. Thank you! It was a TON of fun, and I'll eventually get a post up about it. I never thought I'd do a triathlon. Two years ago I could hardly stay upright on a bike, and was still learning how to properly swim a freestyle stroke in open water. So, if it's something you're interested to try, then I say GO FOR IT.