Thursday, February 14, 2013

So, what's next?

Grandma sandwich, circa 2000
This week marks what would have been the 90th birthdays of both of my beautiful grandmothers, Emerald and Phyllis. I adored these women, and still draw upon them for inspiration on almost a daily basis. I'll be up in Sacramento later this week, and plan to make a visit to their graves, say hello, and catch them up on all the latest. But I thought the awesomest way to pay tribute to them (and both of my Grandmas loved things that are awesome) would be registration in Grandma's Marathon. So that's what I did. June 22nd, I'll see you in Duluth Minnesota.

This will be my fifteenth marathon, run in my thirteenth state (see my progress on this project here), and my first genuine attempt to qualify for Boston. Lucky #13, here we go.

My Grandma Emerald was an avid traveler, and enjoyed hearing about my quest to see the country through marathoning - she'd seen most of it herself, and always had a great story to share about wherever I was headed. "So what's next?" was always her first question, whenever I saw her. Although a long-time Californian, she was originally a Great Lakes Midwesterner, and would love that my next race will see me on the shore of Lake Superior. And my Grandma Phyllis is the reason I travel, the reason I write, the reason I do a whole lot of the things that make me who I am. When I took my first trip out of the country at age 16, she bought me a journal and said "write down everything." And I've been documenting my life obsessively ever since. She loved to read my writing on any subject, and always encouraged me to write for a living. Although I didn't take that advice, I've always found ways to incorporate my love of writing into both my work and personal lives.

Grandma's Marathon will be a fun way to remember these ladies - and to recognize my Grammy Roselle, herself a Great Laker in the beautiful city of Chicago, and one of my biggest fans. (Love you, Grams!) The race organizers have special goodies for grandmothers who run the race, and a prize for the first Grandma finisher. It will be a fun trip to a new city I've never seen, with lots of friends there for support. Grandmas would have loved Grandma's.

Do/did you have a Grandma you love, who deserves a shout-out this Valentine's Day? Have you recently signed up for a race that you're excited about? Are you going to be running Grandma's, too? Is your Grandma going to be running Grandma's?? Drop me a line below, and tell me all about it!


  1. This is so great. What a fun way to honor them!

    I'm hoping to qualify for Boston in May in Wisconsin, and as my Grandma Peggy was a Bostonian to the core, I'm excited to "show" her my medal. She was our biggest fan, and loved bragging about her grand kids to anyone who would listen. I like to think she's bragging to a more ethereal crowd these days. :)

    1. I love it!! Are you running Madison? I ran it a few years ago, and had lots of fun. (Especially at BratFest afterward!) And good luck with the BQ! She'll be bragging either way. :-)

    2. Not Madison. Running Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha? Unsurprisingly, there is a beer and brat presence at this race, too. :)

      And thanks! Good luck to you, too!! I've heard only great things about Grandma's.

  2. I am so excited you registered! It's happening!

    Those are some cute grandmas. I'm sure they'd be so happy to see you running this race in their honor.