Monday, February 4, 2013

Running, biking, but mostly swimming

Lena Sokol's "Water Snake"

This week, the lunar new year begins, and with it the Year of the Water Snake. This doesn't actually mean anything to me - I don't even understand traditional astrology (I know I'm a Virgo, and that's about where my expertise ends), but I enjoy looking these things up every year nonetheless. I'm interested to see what it means to other people, whether there are any gems I can glean, any sources of new inspiration to be had. And this year, I was kind of excited by what I found.

We are, apparently, at the beginning of a new cycle of "luck energy," a period of transition. In the Year of the Water Snake, there will be new opportunities for careers, romantic relationships, and friendships to thrive. Water will play an important role in this year, with its flow helping us forge new paths, and its serenity providing calm amidst the transitions. This is a good year for travel, education, and generally being open to new experiences.

Water. Travel. New experiences. If that's not the universe telling me to go to Hawaii, then I don't know what it is.

Surely, one could argue that such opportunities always exist. And no, I can't think of a period of my life yet that can't be defined in terms of transition. But I sort of love the idea that the rumbling in my belly to make some changes in my work life, and to focus more on relationships, friends, and community, are part of some larger groundswell. It provides me with a bit more confidence as I take chances, make myself vulnerable, and pursue new goals. (Boston 2014, baby!) And it sure helps to know that you'll all be swimming in that winding, unknowable stream right along with me.


  1. Oooh! I love it! I'm so glad you shared this.
    And yes, I think the universe is definitely telling you to go to Hawaii. In fact, I think it's saying that you should take me with you!

  2. new career in Hawaii or attempting the Ironman and/or Marathon there?

    1. Ironman is so SO beyond. But a Hawaiian marathon is most definitely in my future!

  3. Hawaii is always a good idea :)

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